For Our Patients

Your journey to wellness begins here. If you’re tired of slipping through the cracks of the medical system and are in search of a better wellness journey, start here.

The healing hands of Body JuJu offers a fresh, holistic approach to the specialized areas of physical therapy that have often been relegated to a crowded gym. Individual evaluations and treatment plans are combined with the healing hands of your certified therapist who is deeply trained in the science of physical therapy.

Take the first step by reading about Dr. Mary Calys and learn why she created Body JuJu after years of experience in a clinical setting. See why her unparalleled knowledge propelled her to the top of the physical therapy, cancer rehabilitation and wellness community. And learn why her experiences led her to close the gap between clinical-setting rehabilitation and the benefits gained when PT is conducted in a personal, spa-like setting.

For the Healthcare Community

Dr. Mary Calys has spent her entire career treating patients and leading physical therapy clinical settings. At the forefront of clinical trends, Mary realized the need to change the mindset and setting surrounding physical therapy for some patients.

Not all, but many, physical therapy patients, especially those on the cancer continuum, experience greater outcomes with very personal hands-on treatments. Often, the environment and the sound of a caring voice can create positive outcomes beyond treatment alone.

If your patients are not responding to a traditional approach or need an individually designed care plan for cancer-related fatigue, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, lymphedema, pain or pelvic floor dysfunction, please consider Body JuJu in your patient recommendations.

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