Live Your Best Life

Helpful, peaceful healing – that’s the JuJu. Clinically trained physical therapy at the hands of a caring, licensed therapist – that’s the science. Combined, Body JuJu helps enable our patients to live their best lives without pain.


Cancer Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Healing Therapies

From cancer rehabilitation to therapeutic exercise and so much more – the clinicians of Body JuJu combine the most contemporary healing technologies in physical therapy with a fresh, holistic approach to treatment.

Spa-Inspired Clinical Healing

The healing hands of Body JuJu offers a fresh, holistic approach to the specialized areas of physical therapy that have often been relegated to a crowded gym. Individual evaluations and treatment plans are combined with the healing hands of your certified therapist who is deeply trained in the science of physical therapy.

Mary Calys

Dr. Mary Calys Decades of Clinical Experience

Body JuJu is led by Dr. Mary Calys, PT, DPT, CLT. Her decades of clinical experience are now available in a highly personal spa setting where patients are individuals and care is what it’s all about. You want to live your best life and that new life begins at Body JuJu.